About us

In the city center of Szczecin, between “Grunwaldzki” square and the city hall along the beautiful avenue “Jana Pawla II” it is worth to look out for the house number 19, to visit our Restaurant Secesja Cafe.

The reconstructed interiors of the Art Nouveau apartment, with its carefully restored wooden floors and stucco ceilings were decorated with antique furniture, chandeliers, chic images and old stoves. Our guests will be enchanted by the cozy and relaxing atmosphere, where you can embark on a delightful journey through the seductive compositions of our menu.

Secesja Cafe offers excellent dishes, inspired by flavors and memories from journeys to different parts of the world as well as the traditional polish cuisine.

Furthermore you will find unique homemade cake creations, delicious homemade ice cream, hot chocolate, creamy Italian coffee, aromatic teas, special wine variety and polish as well as Czech beer. The menu is varied but not overloaded. It appeals both to enthusiasts of light cuisine and solid meals.

Secesja Cafe is an excellent place to meet friends, to spend some memorable time with one's nearest and dearest at a festive table, to relax with a cup of coffee as well as to take a quick break for lunch. There is an special offer for preannounced groups and we are open to create a unique menu, depending on the wishes of our guests.

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